About This Site

During my early days playing Disgaea, I was intrigued and fascinated by the depths of the game mechanics, and especially the mathematics. I'd always loved math, so I started trying to find out all the formulas I could about the game, from the simplest of things, to more difficult things, such as the damage formula (quite the hobby, isn't it?).

While perusing a forum about Disgaea 2, I saw someone by the name of The Xenogenesis post a link to a calculator he had made. It used a formula from the Official DoubleJump Strategy Guide to calculate the theoretical stats that an item would have after doing specific things in its Item World. Before this calculator, it had never even occurred to me that I could use the formulas in such a way. However, at that time, I had very little programming knowledge, so I had no idea how I could do as he had done.

At about the same time, someone else on the same forum had made a calculator in a spreadsheet to calculate the exact same thing, although it was much more primitive. I realized that this, at least, was achievable. So, I made about five spreadsheets using formulas I had acquired and emailed them to people that wanted them. The spreadsheets were very pitiful in comparison to the one built by The Xenogenesis, and they just took way too long to make, let alone update.

Later on, I saw someone post a link on the same forum to another calculator. It was to a Disgaea 2 Felony Calculator. Unlike the Item Calculator, this one used simply JavaScript and HTML, not Perl. At the time, all I knew was that the file had a .html extension. I at least knew what HTML was, so I reasoned that making calculators in it wouldn't be too much trouble, and that the result would be much better than whatever I could do with spreadsheets.

Anyway, that's when I began learning JavaScript, which enabled me to implement all my formulas to actually do something on a web page. My first round of calculators were very crappy, especially the layout and style. I practically didn't even know what I was doing. Then I started learning CSS, which enabled me to learn how to make them look much better. During this time, I was diving deeper and deeper into JavaScript, so I was able to update the calculators with more advanced code.

Throughout this journey, the site has changed locations several times, initially due to hosting restrictions, but the final move to gamexploiter.com was because of the atrociously long downtime occuring with my free host.