Disgaea Calculators

Welcome! You've come to the number one resource for Disgaea Calculators, which can calculate particular values for all Disgaea games, such as the chance to steal an item, or the amount of Exp you'll receive for defeating an enemy. You don't need to know any formulas or have any math skills to use the calculators; you just need to type in data about your characters and items in-game (we can't read your mind), then just click the button to get the result.

If there's a calculator you're looking for and it isn't here, or it isn't linked from here, then it simply does not exist, or it is on some Japanese site and is nearly impossible to find, and I can not verify its accuracy.

If you are encountering any sort of problems with the calculators/site, or you would like to suggest a calculator to be made, use the Contact form.

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